Mitchell Zimmerman: Manganese-Carbon Relationship Inconsistent Across Vegetation Types in Upper East River Watershed Soil

Authors: Mitchell Zimmerman; Dana Chadwick; Kathleen Grant; Corey Lawrence Abstract: Soil organic carbon (SOC) holds a significant portion of terrestrial carbon stores, and studies have found that the stability of this carbon stock could be dependent on soil manganese (Mn) limiting microbial decomposition processes….

Patrick Monreal: fine-scale spatial variation in N2O cycling in the Eastern Tropical Northern Pacific

Authors Patrick J. Monreal, Colette L. Kelly, Nicole M. Travis, Pascale A. Baya, Karen L. Casciotti Abstract Although it is less prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide (N2O) is a powerful greenhouse gas with a potency 300 times as great. Oceanic…